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8 Dec. 2017:  After a short sleep recovery period, the Advance Team opens up the empty lab and will spend the next few days gathering equipment, gear, and chemicals to construct a nematode worm extraction assembly line.  We have high hopes for extractions from more than 800 soil samples.



7 Dec. 2017:  The Advance Team of Wormherders consisting of Diana Wall, Byron Adams, and Marci Shaver-Adams just landed at Phoenix Airfield at 11:30am, getting ready to load onto Ivan the Terra Bus for a short 50 minute ride across the ice to McMurdo Station.  We arrived on station at 12:25am with a few wispy clouds covering the sun.


7 Dec. 2017:  Here’s the first look at Antarctica (Victorialand) for the 2017-2018 field season.  This is the view from a port side window of a Hercules C-130 aircraft from the Royal New Zealand Air Force.  Big thanks to the Kiwis for a smooth 7 1/2 hour flight to McMurdo Station.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Wormherder Field Season!  We have two projects this year, B-458 on the Shackleton Glacier and C-507-M in the Dry Valleys, scheduled back to back.  The B-458 project will be collecting soil samples trying to discover how soil ecosystems reassembled as they emerged from the last ice age.  The C-507-M project as part of the Long Term Ecological Research group is continuing to look at how terrestrial ecosystems respond to climate variability.  This makes for a longer field season than usual, but we are excited to get started.

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