The Wormherders are almost on our way to our second home in Antarctica. In contrast to last year our crew members will celebrate Christmas with their families in stead of in Antarctica and then head south. We will be leaving USA December 26, arrive in Christchurch, New Zealand December 28 and, with some luck and good weather, make it to McMurdo Station on Ross Island by December 29.

While we’re there we will undertake our regular research and begin some new projects. Currently our plan is to be there until late January and during this time we will try to update you on our progress as often as possible and tell you about life in McMurdo during this field season. If you have any comments and/or questions please feel free to upload them to the site or otherwise you can send an email to and we will try to answer it as best we can.

For now the Wormherders wish you all a very merry Christmas.