People often expect that working in the Antarctic means that when we’re not out in freezing temperatures, we’re huddled inside to keep warm. However, we are here in the austral summer, when Antarctica is warmest, so there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and have some fun.

This year Byron, Diana, Bishwo, Katie (Dartmouth Polar Soils Team), Nick and Breana participated in the Scott’s Hut Race, a 5.2 mile race around McMurdo. Here we are before the race (Breana is behind the camera, and no, she could not get Nick to stop making faces).
Scott's Hut Race

The race starts out at the Chapel of the Snows, where runners head up the hill and around the Discovery Hut. Here we are starting out. If you look very very closely (you might just have to trust us!), you can see Byron, Bishwo, Katie and Nick in this pack of runners.
Scott's Hut Race

After returning from the hut, the runners head up the hill to Scott Base, where the New Zealand Antarctic program is based. Then it’s back down, through town, back to the hut, and back to the chapel. Here is Nick keeping pace with the race leaders!
Scott's Hut Race

Katie heads for the finish line!! She won a cash prize for being so fast!
Run Kitten Mitten! Run!

Biswho and Byron run for Scott Base! It’s a long climb up that hill, which seems to have no end. Luckily, you get to turn around and run back DOWN for a while!
Bishwo and Byron

Breana and Barry (a helicopter pilot) walk toward the finish line. In fact, they walked most of the race together, and only ran on the downhill parts. They came in last but it didn’t matter, they had fun!
Breana and Barry

Another popular fitness event in McMurdo is the annual marathon. This year Byron ran the 26.2 mile race out to the airfield and back. This is NOT an easy race – it’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s all run on packed snow, which gets slushier as the race progresses. This didn’t get Byron down, he’s tough!
Byron Runs the Marathon

Byron finished the race first in his group! We’re so proud of you Byron!!!
Byron Runs the Marathon