We’re in Christchurch, New Zealand, getting ready to head to McMurdo tomorrow. It’s summer here, so we’re nice and warm, but we just learned that Fort Collins (home to Diana, Breana, Uffe, Karen and Tracy) has frozen over! We decided to compare Fort Collins, CO with McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Can you guess which weather forecast is for Colorado and which is for Antarctica?

Fort Collins Weather

McMurdo Weather

If you guessed that Antarctica was going to be warmer and sunnier than Colorado this week, you’re right! It’s also summer in Antarctica, so while we are there, we get to enjoy the “tropical weather” on the southernmost continent. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin our reputations as rugged and brave explorers! The tricky thing about Antarctic weather is that it can change very quickly, and you don’t want to get caught unprepared.