After our long flight to the Southern Hemisphere and a night of wonderful sleep, the wormherders headed out to experience the sights and sounds of Christchurch, New Zealand. A beautiful city, Christchurch has a bustling city center filled with walking plazas and, yes indeed, many beautiful churches and colonial buildings. Here are Tracy, Uffe, Nick and Bishwo taking in one of them.

Happy in New Zealand

The lush River Avon winds its way throughout the city, and while on our walk along it we observed many ducks and other birds, along with groups of people enjoying the river by boat, powered by the muscle and poles of the gondoliers.

The river Avon

We found our way to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed trees, plants and flowers from all over the world; from Australian Eucalyptus to California Redwoods. One of the trees, a giant cypress, was perfect for climbing, so Nick, Tracy, Uffe and Karen went up for a bird’s eye view of the last green place we would see for a while.

In our tree