Breana and Ed went to Howard Glacier to collect some collembolans for Angela McGaughrin, a PhD student in New Zealand who is studying their genetics. The Collembola live under flat pebbles in damp areas of the Dry Valleys near streams and lakes. They can be quite abundant in these areas, with tens of individuals under a single hand-sized rock.

Breana and Ed collected about 200 Collembola and placed them in a container with soil and rocks to keep them happy. The container was sent over to Scott Base, the New Zealand base in Antarctica, once they got back to McMurdo.

The glacier is made of ice and about 40-50 meters high at its face. Here you can just make out Breana in front of the glacier.
Breana in front of Howard Glacier

Breana in front of Howard Glacier
Breana at Howard Glacier

Along the front of the glacier there were several chunks of insulating foam that probably came from a survival cache that exploded two years ago in a big storm. Breana was not impressed…
Rubbish is bad!