On Sunday morning, a group of about 50 people was picked up by a Terra Bus. Those doing the full marathon were unloaded near Kiwi Scott Base and those running the half marathon were driven to the half-way point of the marathon to run back to the Scott Base. The route was simple and led through Willy Field to Pegasus (the airports), all on the highly packed snow. Everybody was enthusiastic as the weather was promising. But the weather can never be counted on here and surely just as the run started, the winds picked up and the clouds took over. Running the first leg of the marathon was relatively “easy”: the struggle was limited only to finding “highly” packed snow path (no success by any means). The way back (as the faces and hunched bodies of half marathoners indicated) was even harder, with headwinds of 25-30 knots testing everybody’s will. But wills of all were stronger than winds and cold. They all prevailed and crossed the finishing line.

Dorota has her sights set on first place.
Winner of the Marathon

Byron triumphantly crosses the finish line.
Big Cold Run for Fun