Diana was asked to give a tour of Ross Island and surrounding areas to a group of Distinguised Visitors (DVs) that were here from Washington, DC to observe all the big science that goes on in Antarctica. Diana has been coming to Antarctica to do her research for 16 years, and is a great resource for information on the modern science program here in McMurdo. They were able to tour the Dry Valleys, where Diana and her colleagues have been studying the ecology of the soils in Taylor Valley.

For the non-believers, proof that there really IS soil in Antarctica.
Polar Desert

Diana also took the DVs to Cape Royds to see the penguin colony and to tour Shackleton’s Hut, built during the Nimrod Expedition in 1908. The hut is preserved as Shalckleton left it, complete with cans of pickled herring and cured hams hanging from the wall.

Look closely, can you see penguins?
Cape Royds

Sleeping quarters in Shackleton’s hut.

Shackleton's Hut

As an extra treat, Diana took the DVs aboard the Polar Star, a Coast Guard icebreaker currently on duty in McMurdo Sound. The icebreaker allows the movement of supply vessels to and from McMurdo Station.

USCGC Polar Star
Ice Breaker

View from Polar Star