We’ve arrived in Antarctica! The weather in McMurdo was bad today, but we waited at the CDC with all our gear and were finally cleared for takeoff at 5pm. There was very little cargo, and they installed real airplane seats in order to accomodate the large number of passengers that had been stranded in Christchurch.


Dorota managed to get a tour of the cockpit!

Dorota in the cockpit

Five hours later we landed at Pegasus air field, which was very windy and cold. However, the weather didn’t deter the penguins that we spotted waddling across the ice sheet.

We were shuttled to McMurdo Station for a briefing and to receive our room keys and information packets. It was so late that we were too tired to pick up our luggage and we made a plan to meet in the lab at 8:30am to regroup. We lost 4 days of ice time waiting in Christchurch. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Wish us luck!